The Mighty Mission

We pursue to build ever-lasting value for the customers, employees and society by enriching their lives with sustainable solutions and a range of world-class products.

Keeping employee satisfaction also as a priority, we work with the set of satisfied employees who love working for the prosperity of the company, adhering to its objectives and goals. Likewise, we have immense trust on our Business Partners who collaborate with us to work towards common mission.

The Vast Vision

To achieve global recognitions leading players in FMCG and Hospitality sectors through highest quality products that ensures highest customer satisfaction.

URMIN Group’s immediate goals include

  • Realize economies of scale through capacity expansion and upgrading manufacturing processes.
  • Consolidate the existing range of FMCG products.
  • Build a strong product portfolio supported by an innovative range of new product categories to add more value to the brand.

Core Values

  • Integrity, ethics and honesty of the corporate initiatives mark our absolute level of commitment.
  • To ensure highest satisfaction of the consumers, employees and business associates.
  • To serve the society with care, empathy and compassion!
  • A dedicated approach to sustainable development guided by strong ethical conduct, meritocracy, great teamwork and human touch.