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At Urmin Foundation, we strongly believe that creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals; they are indeed synonymous and one gives way to the other. Goodness is the investment that never fails and spreading goodness has become the need of the hour. In the 21st century, the world needs more compassion and people who are empathetic.

Being passionate about people and enthusiastic about spreading the good-will, at Urmin Group we are guided by the cardinal principle of achieving sustainable financial growth while creating growth opportunities for all our employees, business partners and communities where we operate. Since our inception, we have been contributing towards the upliftment of the society & its people in every small possible ways.

Our genuine concern for the society its people, guided with a positive thought; powered by a focused vision to remain helpful and with empathetically chalked out strategies, have helped our enterprise to evolve as a successful venture. Contributing to charity and for the charitable causes has become a part of or identity. With the desire to help people and win hearts, we have volunteered to extend our help and support to an array of charitable trusts. Urmin Foundation envisions contributing towards literacy & making education more accessible to the less fortunate ones. For the advancement of education we organize many CSR Activities like: book donation, spreading awareness, organizing educational camps, sponsoring scholarships etc. Aligning our CSR Activities with health-care, we also volunteer conducting the medical relief camps. Medical emergencies can occur at any point of time with no prior notice but unfortunately every-one cannot afford to meet their medical needs sue to financial crisis & also due to the crisis of resources. Understanding the urgency of medical relief, we care to extend medical help to the poor & needy ones in every possible way. We care to ensure bridging the gap between the haves & the have-nots.

Urmin Group always advocates saying that strength lies in unity & hence we vouch to keep the people united by minimizing the disparities. We volunteer making the public utility facilities better and superior for the poverty stricken ones who also are a very much integral part of our country and society.

Being on the voyage to beat and defeat hunger; we have cared to distribute the packets of snacks and sweets to the poverty striken ones during the difficult days and phase of the lockdown

Urmin Foundations
Urmin Foundations
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“Urmin House”, Sindhu Bhavan Marg, Off S.G. Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 380059 Gujarat, India.
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