What started as a one-man entrepreneurial venture in the 1960s, is today a diversified URMIN Group, with a strong market presence in the FMCG sector. An apt example of an Indian enterprise set up to explore new oceans of market advantage in various sectors, it is a small initiatives of Nanubhai V. Majithia that took quantum leaps.

With a diversified product portfolio, the Group now takes pride in its corporate endeavours in the fields of Food and Beverages, Hospitality and Healthcare. Ours is a learning curve that not only speaks volumes about the Group’s endeavors to adhere to world-class quality benchmarks, but also in contributing to the Indian brand equity on a global market platform.

With a view to becoming a global player in the Food & Beverages and Healthcare segments by ensuring highest customer satisfaction, we have made our presence felt in the domestic FMCG market with an enviable product portfolio that consists of brands like StarNuts, Ringo, Bansiram and Tingles that enjoy privileged brand equity as premium products.

A positive growth story, which started in 2000 when the Company was set up, our winning trajectory, includes the philosophy of providing top-class quality products that not only cater to the Indian palates, but also spread the magic of Indian taste globally.

The Group’s foray into Hospitality, Healthcare and Sustainable and Renewable Energy sector like the Solar Energy sector has just made its intentions in spotting new market opportunities and delivering the best possible sustainable development alternatives to the Indian consumers.

The quantum leap treaded by URMIN is an outcome of the best thought out market strategies aided by the twenty first century tech advantage. Adding more value to the Group’s various endeavors are the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that house technologically advanced packaging processes.

Unique marketing strategies powered by the drive to offer contemporary products have enabled the Group realize an enviable growth during all these years. Strategic marketing execution by our core marketing team supported by the Group’s leadership and a strong distribution network give us an unprecedented advantage to make foray into newer territories. URMIN’s strong distribution network is the result of the unprecedented devotion and commitment of more than three generations of suppliers and distributors across the country.