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Benefits of healthy nuts in winters


During the winters when the breeze is on a high, cough and cold are caught easily. Especially with our developing cravings and the unhealthy food readily available for us, it is difficult to be in the pink of health. With health depleting foods around us, the focus is to save you from them and shift to snacks that can actually make your health better.

Roasted dry fruits play an important role in imparting healthiness to your body. Starnuts’ Roasted Almonds, Roasted Pistachios & Roasted Cashews prove to be beneficial to your immunity, health betterment and strength building. 

Roasted Almonds contain an adequate amount of protein to maintain your tissues, preventing the tissue breakdown that can occur when you don't get enough protein. Their protein content can provide you the surge to go through the day. Their fiber content fills your stomach but doesn't boost the calorie content of your meal. Fiber also helps in regulating your blood sugar after a meal.  Starnuts’ Roasted Almonds are also rich in essential minerals like magnesium and Vitamin E. The nutrition-rich profile of roasted almonds makes it a snack that just proves best for your health.

Roasted Cashews are rich in dietary fiber and phytosterols which lower your cholesterol levels significantly. Starnuts’ Roasted Cashews are heart-healthy because of their potassium, which supports healthy blood pressure. Roasted Cashews are moderately rich in protein and provide you with weight controlling essentials. Roasted Cashews can be good a choice because they are lower in calories than some other nuts.

Roasted Pistachios too are a source of proteins. The body breaks this protein down into its constituent amino acids, which can be used to repair tissues or to create new molecules. Starnuts’ Roasted Pistachios contain beneficial fatty acids and beneficial antioxidants protect the heart and reverse cellular damage. They are an essential source of essential minerals like phosphorous and Vitamin B6. 

Starnuts’ Roasted Almonds, Roasted Pistachios & Roasted Cashews are some healthy snacks that you can binge on this winter.

Making weekdays tastier with healthier Namkeen.


According to human behavior, weekends are the days when everyone is free to eat whatever they wish to. We observe cheat days on weekends and we tend to stick to healthier food on weekdays.

Having unhealthy and junk food over the weekdays is still considered a taboo. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Maybe all you needed was a healthier, more consciously prepared range of Namkeen. Bansiram Namkeen is made with such care, that it ensures a complete satisfaction of your hunger, a tasty flavour lingering on your taste buds and a trust of good quality.

Bansiram Namkeen has its wide range of products specially made for you whenever you’re hungry! Be it any place, or be it any time, a pack of Bansiram Namkeen will always be available at a store near you to fulfill your hunger.

Bansiram offers what no other Namkeen manufacturers of India offers. We have a wide range of Namkeen varying upon the taste, type, and tradition. Our range of traditional namkeen offers you the freshest of the crunch with the best taste. Our range of Farali Namkeen is one of the pioneers in the market due to the traditional method we follow in the preparation. While our range of Namkeen is made for both adults and children, we love giving extra attention to the little one. Our range of Fryums and Bitzz are famous amongst the kids. Krunchips is a variant of crispy chips that suit best in every party, every evening and become the best partner of every meal.

This wide range of products is always available at a store near you. So, whenever you’re hungry and can’t figure out what to have; Bansiram Namkeen is always there to serve you right! Make your weekends and weekdays tastier with Bansiram’s range of tasty, flavourful and healthy namkeen.  

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