Your Best IPL 2019 Batting Partnership with Bansiram Snacks


So, what are you doing this IPL season? Continue maintaining your routine schedule at your office or planning to play truant at your college so that you can watch the IPL?  Would it not be a great idea to simply quit doing whatever you are doing for the moment and start suffering from the IPL fever?

Unquestionably, the IPL 2019 season is going strong these days. It’s such great fun to see the teams in action and compete against each other. The adrenaline rush along with the fun and excitement when two rival teams are pitted against each other is really thrilling.

Surely, you will be heading off to one of the stadiums in India or switch on your TV set to witness the IPL match 2019 and enthrall yourself as the rival teams strive to demolish each other in the game towards the race for the IPL cup.

Alternatively, why not invite your friends and extended family over to your place, where the IPL 2019 can come alive in your living room itself! Make merry and enjoy the game along with a lot of hooting, cheer, and a tremendous amount of fun in the midst of wonderful snacks, refreshment, and a table load of food and drink! In the midst of the game, there’s no better way for you guys to enjoy yourself but to snack on your favourite stuff and add to the excitement as the runs and wickets pile up.

Become your own cheerleader! So, if your favourite batsman strikes a four, why not snack on your favourite khatta mittha mix while cheering the batsman. Alternatively, satiate your taste cravings with a bowl full of sumptuous aloo-sev or crunchy wafers between the overs.  Why not dance with joy as you munch on some crunch as the batsmen hit a six or when someone gets caught in the gully or slip over a googly.

Unquestionably, IPL 2019 is the right time to pile up a wide range of these quick and tasty eats for all sports and cricket buffs who love to watch the game while engaging in pampering their taste buds.

Well, be right there in the middle of the game with snacks that simply add to the fun. While you bat on the snacks, let your favourite team bat and bowl through the overs as you savour the good times. So, line up your batting partnership with Bansiram Snacks and sail through the fun!

But, what if the tables are turned and your favourite men are on the losing side. Have some spicy snacking moments to add rich flavour to that dull and mind-numbing game. Keep on popping open your favourite namkeen packets till the game ends. 

Of all the Indian snacks online, one of the favourite snacks that come to mind is Bansiram Namkeen. It is simply one of the most upcoming namkeen brands in Gujarat and the country. 

Available in five and ten rupee packets, these namkeens are a must-have in every home. Bansiram Namkeen simply means great taste and great quality, so you can binge on these scrumptious snacks guilt-free.

The vast range of offerings from Bansiram Namkeen is sure to keep you tempted throughout this IPL 2019 season. And as in sports the saying goes – “Let the best team win!”


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