Fun-filled facts about dry fruits that will amaze you


Each time we binge on a handful of our favorite dry fruits, we are cognizant of the fact that they are extremely healthy and loaded with an ample amount of nutrients. But other than that, there is hardly anything we know about them.

Dry fruits come under the category of healthy snacking. StarNuts range of almonds, cashews and pistachios are available in different salted, masala and pepper flavours. Even a small serving of these nuts make up your daily dose of nutrients. But wait till you wake up to these fun-filled facts about your favoured nuts.


Popularly tagged as the waistline-friendly snack, almonds are way too healthy as far as the heart health goes. Recent studies reflect that almonds eaten mid-morning can help moderate blood sugar throughout the day. In fact, these nuts are loaded with so many other health benefits that they make a place in the list of top healthiest food items of all times.

But did you know that almonds actually belong to the rose family and are often referred to as the ‘queen of the rose family’.

The fuzzy hull around the almond nut seems almost peach-like. And that’s because the nut’s other family members are the peaches. When immature, the green almonds can be preserved and pickled. In some countries around the world, this is considered as a delicacy and cherished on special occasions.


If you are among the health conscious herd, you must be well acquainted with several versatile properties of cashews. More so, you might fancy the goodness of the seed. Yes, you heard it right! Grown out of apples, cashews are technically seeds and not nuts. When cashews are harvested, so is the apple-like fruit that goes with it, which is then utilized in jams and juices.

During the 1560s, Portuguese sailors were the first to introduce the Cashew seeds in Goa. From there, it spread throughout Southeast Asia and eventually Africa.

When raw, cashews are surrounded by a double shell that containstoxic resins. This resin is used in several industrial products such as brake liners and paints.

Raw cashews are green in colour. Before the seeds are roasted, cashews have a beautiful green shade to them.


Oh well, what we call a pistachio here is known as the smiling nut in Iran and the happy nut in China. At some places, these are also famous as green almonds.
One of the oldest flowering nut trees, the pistachio history dates back to centuries, this is why it is often labeled as a prehistoric nut.

Research suggests that pistachios are the only in-shell nutsthat potentially reduce calorie intake in comparison to other dry fruits in general. Studies reveal that people consuming pistachios consume fewer calories per day than those who indulge in shelled nuts. This effect is popularly known as ‘The Pistachio Principle.’

Interesting isn’t it?So is our exclusive range of dry fruits! Include StarNutsflavoured range of almonds, cashews and pistachios as part of your daily snacking schedule. Or gift it to people in your corporate loop and to your loved ones. We are sure it will leave them asking for more!


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