Sensible Snacking – A Perfect Option to Savor In-Between Meals


Snacking can truly be fun and can be a perfect option to savour in-between meals. For, if you choose your snack items carefully, these can be a significant part of your diet and can form an important constituent of your eating plan.

Surely, it is OK to snack as long as you maintain a balance of what you eat and keep yourself active and lead a vigorous life. Selecting the right snack for yourself can help you control your hunger and enjoy your everyday tasks too at the same time.  If you are feeling low or hungry, then snacks can contribute immensely to maintain your daily intake of energy.

For children and teens, who are always on the go, snacks can provide the calories that they may be missing from their meals.  They help refuel after vigorous activity like exercise, gym, games, and other school activities.

However, for many 9–5’ers and other office goers, consuming light and crispy snacks in between meals can add to the jazz and pizzazz of every-day life!

If you discover that you cannot wait for that next meal, which could be hours away, sensible snacking could mean eating a tasty little snack to provide you an energy boost to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Also, if you are an older adult and can’t consume a large meal in one go, several small meals that include a tasty snack can make it easier for your body to handle your smaller appetite or limited energy.

Also, tea-time is a good opportunity to go for sensible snacking. A handful of ready-made snacks or savouries can help you relish your tea time ideally. For, great times do mean a hot cup of tea shared with snacks along with friends, fun, and a great deal of masti!

A word about the ideal snacks you should consume – choose a snack that does not cause too much guilt after you consume it. Snacks that are low on cholesterol and do not contain any trans-fats are the best alternatives.

So, as an option, you could go for Bansiram Namkeen, which is not only ideal snack choice in-between meals, but also a fantastic option that you can pop open any time and savour the good taste. Choose from a variety of snacks that include namkeens, faralinamkeens, chips, khakras, fryums, and extruded snacks that leave your lips smacking every time.

So, the next time you are caught between the option of snack or not to snack, then give Bansiram a try. The lip-smacking taste will surely blow you away!        


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