A Brief guide on how to improve your snacking habits


Right on – you are what you eat. 

What you chow down on a day-to-day basis, can directly impact your health. And what you eat has a lot to do with your lifestyle, work schedule and personal cravings.

Yummy, delectable snacks can easily make you eat more and it’s not a crime! So don’t make yourself guilty if lately, you have binged uncontrollably. Bansiram’s mouthwatering range of Traditional and Farali Namkeens, Fryums, Krunchips, Bitz and Roasted Crunch can distract even the most sincere of diet souls and leave them asking for more. Our snacks make a good snacking partner, comes to rescue during extreme mood swings and is a must-have when guests are at home. 

To improve your snacking habits, it’s important to know that this doesn’t happen overnight. By making small and sincere changes, you can get on track and revamp your eating-on-the go habit. Here’s a brief guide to help you do so. 

Don’t delay or skip meals: The first step to develop sincere eating habits is to have meals regularly and maintaining a fixed time for them. A full-fledged, balanced meal, gives very little scope for hunger pangs. No matter how tasty the snacks are, they are after all snacks. And they cannot and should not be replaced by meals. 

However, on the days of fasting when you crave something flavourful, a crunchy snack comes handy! Bansiram Namkeen offers a range of snacks to splurge on the days of fast. Made from the traditional recipes that truly cater to the strict diet followed on the fasting days, Bansiram snacks have a punch in terms of flavour and taste.

Our Farali Chiwda (tikha and mitha), Rajwadi farali chiwda, Banana chips and Sabudana are so good that you wouldn’t want to restrict it to just the fasting days. 

Get it served right: Can’t control how much you are eating? Then you should avoid eating straight from the packet, instead use a plate or bowl. This will control the portion size that you are eating. Having said so, it’s smart to transfer the snacks in a plate but it’s smarter to use smaller sizes of plates and bowls to eat less. You can even try creating your own special recipes with Bansiram namkeens by adding different ingredients and masalas. This will make your snacking time even more delectable. 

Eat a number of times per day: Instead of having too many snacks at one go, it’s better to have small portions every 2-3 hours to regulate your blood sugar level and metabolism. Eating 5-6 small meals is one of the best ways to develop a more disciplined snacking habit. 

Know your cravings: Snacks make a great companion when you stressed, frustrated, lonely or emotional. But eating mindlessly rarely helps! While snacking is great while watching TV or reading a book, it is important to keep a check as to how much you are eating. Remember, crunchy snacks help a lotwhen you feel those doldrumsand are great while watching TV or reading a book. 

In short, a good snacking habit doesn’t just involve how much you eat; the quality of food is also important. Eating quality snacks is good for your overall well-being. Namkeens from Bansiram are 100% authentic and best in quality and taste. With Bansiram by your side, you’re surely on your way to develop a good snacking habit, because you’ve started by choosing right!


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