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Welcome To Urmin Group

What started as a one-man entrepreneurial venture in the 1960s, is today a diversified URMIN Group, with a strong market presence in the FMCG sector. An apt example of an Indian enterprise set up to explore new oceans of market advantage in various sectors, it is a small initiatives of Nanubhai V. Majithia that took quantum leaps....

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Today’s Big Q: Why eating dry fruit is good for you?


Who doesn’t wanta healthy body? It is no secret that to enjoy the benefits of good health wemust follow a healthy lifestyle along with a strict exercise regime andnutritious diet. But we all know that it is easier said than done!

One way to adapta healthy diet is to welcome dry fruits in your daily platter. No matterwhether you eat those nuts as an evening snack, or include it in your saladbowls to make them interesting, the health benefits you will achieve from theirconsumption are amazing!

Loaded withvitamins and micronutrients, dry fruits are extremely nourishing and full ofenergy. Handpicked from the best sources, StarNuts are premium nuts thatinclude cashews, almonds and pistachios. An excellent source of energy,StarNuts get you going for the rest of the day.

Busting the mythwhether dry fruits put on weight, experts believe that eating them inmoderation helps tone you down. High dietary fibre, proteins and good fatspresent in dry fruits make you feel fuller and help to avoid overeating. Whynibble on unhealthy foods when StarNuts are good-for-heart, and great in taste?

StarNuts’ dryfruits are a perfect blend of incredible taste and unmatched richness. Ournutritious, roasted and premium nuts can be savoured with the options ofdifferent flavours like Salted, Pepper and Masala. Apart from its varioushealth benefits, you can offer StarNuts with any kind of food. Serve it withtea when guests arrive, relish it in combination with your meals, or savourthem with soft drinks.

With the optionsof different packs, StarNuts match the needs of its consumers’ fast-paced life.If you’re always on-the-go, the easy-to carry and energy-packed StarNuts is theright snack for you. Be it at the bus stop, in the college or while you’retravelling, it relieves your hunger instantly. Not only that, the gifting rangeof StarNuts makes an ideal and thoughtful choice for every health-consciousindividual you know.