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Welcome To Urmin Group

What started as a one-man entrepreneurial venture in the 1960s, is today a diversified URMIN Group, with a strong market presence in the FMCG sector. An apt example of an Indian enterprise set up to explore new oceans of market advantage in various sectors, it is a small initiatives of Nanubhai V. Majithia that took quantum leaps....

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Three reasons why Bansiram Krunchips is your perfect munching partner


Some wise man once quoted, ‘One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats’. And of course what can be more enjoyable and inviting than a little packet of your favourite snack. If you are someone who likes to relish the little chatkaz of life without feeling guilty about your diet regime, then we have some lip-smacking delight for you. Bansiram offers 4 delicious flavours of super savoury chips that will leave you asking for more. And it’s a promise – Bansiram Krunchips are nothing but crunchilious delight in every single bite!

Obviously, with those yummy, delightful snacks waiting to be grabbed, you do not really need a reason to binge on. But if your diet soul comes popping out of you to make you feel conscious, excuse yourself by giving these perfectly settled reasons to make Krunchips your ideal munching partner.

You need time to unwind

Have you ever realised, that taking time out to have a snack is actually a great piece of self-care? Once in a while, it is important that you step out of your routine and eat what you like. So, take that as an opportunity to release yourself from all the stress and unwind to feel grateful for the fact that you can enjoy your favourite titbits. Bansiram Krunchips’ every flavour is a sheer joy! The chips are delicately sliced and fried to perfection to offer mouth-watering taste and crunch. So whether you are planning to attend back to back meetings or simply sit on the couch with a book, these snacks will give you the ‘my-time’ we all need!

Ditch the diet freak within you

Yes, there are fundas behind smart snacking and we do not disagree with it. And there are tons of food options that will lift up your spirits. But time and again, your tongue wants a treat too! And so does the foodie inside you. Why not spoil yourself sometimes, break that New Year resolution of not munching and nibble something that’s amazingly awesome. Bansiram Krunchips are both crispy and flavoursome, that would instantly help you feel better in those down in the dump days. And after all, what are New Year resolutions made for? Isn’t it for breaking them time and again?

It’s party time, every time

For most of us, snacking becomes more fun when surrounded by our favourite people. Calling friends at home and throwing a party becomes one more excuse to pop open your favourite canapés. They say, ‘keep your friends close and your snacks closer’, which can’t be anything but true! Bansiram Krunchips is a great way to welcome friends at home. A quick snack to go with your tea or a big filling to keep the hunger pangs at bay; Bansiram Krunchips makes every meal fun and memorable.

Made from the most optimum ingredients, Bansiram Krunchips offers unique freshness and flavour and are available in salted, masala, cream onion and farali flavours. So the next time when hunger strikes you and you desire to get indulged in something that’s yummy and satisfying, Bansiram Krunchips is going to be your first choice.