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Welcome To Urmin Group

What started as a one-man entrepreneurial venture in the 1960s, is today a diversified URMIN Group, with a strong market presence in the FMCG sector. An apt example of an Indian enterprise set up to explore new oceans of market advantage in various sectors, it is a small initiatives of Nanubhai V. Majithia that took quantum leaps....

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How to beat the summer heat?


When you see mango vendors and gola walas on the street, when you feel a little less hungry and a little more thirsty, when you start wearing comfortable cotton clothes and when your mom offers you an iced glass of Tingles Jaljira, that is when you really know that summer has arrived.

After a long day of work and play, both adults and kids needsomething to refresh their energies.

Jaljira is a very popular Indian summer drink that is a natural body coolant and is also one of the best drinks to help you maintain your overall health. It tastes wonderful, keeps the body hydrated and replenishes lost minerals quickly during the scorching summers.

Tingles Jaljira is very easy to make, and gives you lasting freshness. Churned with ingredients that are packed with minerals and nutrients from the nature, it quenches your thirst and rejuvenates your senses. Add a twist of Lemon or Tamarind to your glass of Tingles Jaljira and garnish it with mint or coriander leaves to tingle your taste buds like never before.

Each home has a different style of making their Jaljira. One can also add black salt or ginger to their glass of Jaljira. Both of them are widely used in ayurvedic preparations and are a great digestive aid. People With a sweet tooth also add sugar to zing up their drink.

The next time you’re really feeling the heat andneed instant freshness, know that Taazgi ki Toofani Masti is just a glass awaywith Tingles Jaljira.